Eevee Tamagotchi Review

Eevee Tamagotchi

While tamagotchi has partnered with many different franchises, few had me as excited as the eevee tamagotchi. The initial design of the tamagotchi is very cute, sporting the options of either brown like eevee or pink with the multiple evolutions printed in a cute design around the interface. The initial appeal of this tamagotchi is how cute both the toy and the digital eevee are.
The design of this tamagotchi is based on the tamagotchi nano, so the features are a bit more limited: a clock, feeding, playing games, and evolution. The clock feature on this tamagotchi is rather straightforward; you set the time when first starting the game and can press a button to check the time. The food options for the tamagotchi are either rice or treats.
The games available involve either dancing or catching berries. To win the dancing game, you must press the corresponding buttons which will cause eevee to bounce and dance back and forth. If you’re unable to press the correct button, eevee will become sad or embarrassed. The berry game involves moving eevee back and forth to catch berries and dodge elemental symbols. Catching elemental symbols during this game can influence the potential evolution you eevee may turn into.
The evolution aspect of this eevee tamagotchi is by far one of my favorite, and likely the reason you would replay the game. Depending on which elements you catch, when you feed your pet, what games you play, or which care mistakes you encounter will change the potential evolution. All 8 of eevee’s canonical evolutions are included in this game, however, there are also three alternative eevees you can achieve as well: Pop Star, Team Rocket, or Ditto. A majority of the fun I had with this game was discovering the different evolutions that are available. All of the suspense leading up to the evolution, which typically takes about three days, is absolutely worth it once I got to see a new form I had not yet encountered.
One potential deterrent for this tamagotchi is the buttons. The buttons extend out from the tamagotchi and can sometimes get caught on objects. They also feel a little loose, which can sometimes cause accidental button presses.
Overall, I genuinely enjoyed my time with the eevee tamagotchi. I cannot get over how absolutely adorable the pixel eevee looks and genuinely enjoyed my time playing with him. Both the eevee and the outer shell of the tamagotchi are extremely cute and make a great accessory, and the games are very enjoyable, albeit a little simple. I often find myself checking to see if my eevee has evolved and look forward to seeing the various cute animations that are available. I do find myself occasionally wanting something a bit more out of this toy, such as an additional game or more options, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful designs. If you have the money available and have any interest in pokemon or eevee, I would absolutely recommend this joyful game.