Digimon Tamagotchi Digivice Review

Digimon Tamagotchi

Digimon Bandai Original Digivice Virtual Pet Monster

Growing up in the 90’s, I had always been a fan of the Digimon series. The thought of owning my own digivice and finding out who my partner digimon was supposed to be has always been a hidden desire. I cannot understate my excitement when I found the Digmion Bandai Digivice that allowed me to have my very own virtual pet. The device works very similarly to a tamagotchi – you can clip it onto your keys or backpack to carry it with you. The pets will start as babies and grow over time, digivolving into stronger forms as you take care of them.
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Taking care of the digimon involves taking it to the bathroom, cleaning the area, and feeding them to help them grow strong. By feeding your digimon the appropriate amount, keeping them clear of care mistakes, and battling, the digimon will continue to digivolve up to its mega form.
The excitement of turning on your device to see the digimon has achieved a new form is one of the prime joys of this game. However, those forms are only temporary and the digimon will either achieve a new form or be reborn into an egg that may hold an entirely new type of digimon. Navigation through the system can be a little difficult because the game only has three buttons available that perform different functions depending on the menu. These buttons are used to go forward, backward, or switch through options in various menus, however, some interactions occur when pressing both buttons at once, which is not defined very well in the game or the packaging.
While growing a stronger digimon is one of the main draws of the device, the ability to play or interact with the pet is typically one of the main draws of a virtual pet. The options for the digivice are somewhat limited for games that can be played, in fact, it only offers battling as the main form of interaction aside from cleaning or feeding the pet. The battles are fought between your digimon and the computer, or with a friend if you connect the devices together.
Playing against the computer involves selecting team or solo battles and rapidly pressing the button to store up as much power as you can. Once the timer finishes, your digimon will battle the computer automatically while you watch. While I sometimes found myself hoping for a strong attack or dodge, I would also find myself not paying attention because my interaction was no longer needed. As for coop battles, I attempted to connect the devices together, however, it would not allow me to properly fight between them.
Overall, the digimon tamagotchi virtual pet is a fun experience to do during typically idle moments, but it does falter in some interactivity that may have further bolstered the gameplay. If you were or are a fan of digimon, or you want a small device to keep you busy during otherwise mundane moments, I would absolutely recommend this toy.