Tamagotchi ON Review

Tamagotchi ON

An updated version of Tamagotchi...

Tamagotchi ON is the updated version of a virtual toy Tamagotchi introduced by Bandai America in the 1990s. The original Tamagotchi was a virtual pet with egg-like looks which you have to keep healthy and happy by giving it a lot of love and care otherwise it can upset the life of everyone due to its death. Bandai America made some changes in Tamagotchi before reintroducing it as Tamagotchi On.

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Things included in this new toy

Originally Tamagotchi can produce a few characters depending upon the way you take care of it. But Tamagotchi On can grow into hundreds of thousands of different types of characters. It looks that the updated version of virtual pet allows you to interact in millions of ways because it also offers a lot more activities to do as compared to the original one. It can order different types of meals at a restaurant, eat at home, go shopping, take a bubble bath, make friends, travel to different areas, look after Tamapet and play games, etc. The device looks like a small achievement because of its backlit colored screen so that you can also play it without a clue while lying in your bed or watching TV.

How to play Tamagotchi ON?

You can access the new game of Tamagotchi ON by downloading its app on a tablet or Smartphone to find items and earn points that you can send to the device of Tamagotchi ON. The users of this app can go-to digital parks to participate in timely events daily like the event of Halloween to get a different present every day and met Pumpkitchi.

The Planet Tamagotchi allows the players to earn its currency, Gotchi Points while playing both games. You can use this currency to buy accessories, go out to eat something, as you do in the real world, instead of spending your money. You will have to drop your Tamagotchi at the Tama hotel to take care of it if you want to stop your game for a while.

Things you may like in this new game

The best thing about this new version of Tamagotchi is that it allows various devices to interact with each other to make the World of Tamagotchi look bigger than when there was only one device. It also allows you to place two games of Tamagotchi ON the side by side on a flat surface to connect them. It will enable one character to glide out of the screen of one Tamagotchi On to interact with a character on the screen of the other game until they want to return to their home.

Both the games also allow their characters to meet their friends to give gifts, enjoy a playdate, get married and travel together, etc. They can propose each other’s character by putting a ring on it. they also enjoy wedding ceremonies and have babies. But these newborn babies are later on converted into the main characters. To know about different generations you can review your family tree any time but you cannot exchange characters.

Things you may not like in this new game

It is not easy to satisfy Tamagotchi ON as compared to the original Tamagotchi as things become complicated to handle at the time of an emergency.


Thus Tamagotchi ON is the modernized and upgraded version of the original Tamagotchi which can give you a different gaming experience.