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tamagochi is back
Tama Gochi


GET READY TO HATCH, FEED AND CLEAN-UP. TAMAGOTCHI IS BACK! Bandai America Celebrates The 20th Anniversary of The O.G. Tamagotchi with U.S. launch this Fall

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Tamagotchi is an egg that fits in the palm of your hand and there is a screen in the middle of this egg with a few different buttons. On this screen, you interact with a pet by using the three buttons under the screen. You can feed your pet, clean up after them, play with them or scold them. You can also check on facts that will gauge things like how happy your pet is and how hungry he is. If your pet was unhappy because you didn’t clean up after him, or you disciplined him too much, he would leave and it would be game over. That means you had to start from day 1 all over again because the objective of the Tamagotchi was to raise it for 30 days.

Since the Tamagotchi first came out, it has hit stores in a variety of colors with different pets to take care. Tamagotchis do have competitors but none of those competitors gained as much notoriety as the original Tamagotchi. You could also download an app to your phone which would allow you to get in touch with other users on your cell phone or computer. There was also a short time that Tamagotchis were considered an accessory to an outfit but the biggest craze for these virtual pets happened when they first came out in the 1990s.


Many people who have experience with these virtual pets have good memories and many people like to relive their good memories. The people who have these memories may be in their 30’s or 40’s and everybody plays the video games they used to play as a kid so why would they not want to relive the experience of taking care of a virtual pet?
These egg-shaped toys where you can connect with a virtual pet are being made and there is a plan for distribution in the United States. There is a question if these things will be released again in the United Kingdom. The shape of the item stays the same and there are no upgrades to the screen so you won’t be able to see what is going on if you play with it in a dark room. However, the new ones will be less than half the size of the original ones released in the 1990s. Since the egg is smaller than the original, that does mean the screen will be smaller.
We won’t be able to adjust options but we will still be able to turn it on and off this time. You may have to explore if you don’t remember how to play but the Tamagotchi will make noise when your virtual pet wants something from you. Just like the ones that came out in the 1990s, you will need to make sure the needs of your virtual pet are being met. So it’s the same gameplay that we remember.

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