My Tamagotchi Forever App Review

My Tamagotchi Forever

Tamagotchi App Review

The makers of Tamagotchi, Bandai America, have introduced My Tamagotchi Forever, an app for the users of iOS and Android devices to play the updated version of the originally released game. This Tamagotchi app provides you complete control over filling up Tamatown by raising Tamagotchis multiple times. When you play this game you have to modify this village. This game was marketed to provide a suitable experience for the adults to play the latest version of Tamagotchi on their smartphone.
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The appearance of the Tamagotchi app

My Tamagotchi Forever has an attractive look due to its colorful graphics. Even adults behave like kids when they see small plastic eggs like Tamagotchis and start taking care of these virtual pets as soon as they see them. However, in this game instead of focusing on looking after your virtual pets, you will have to focus more on getting ahead by spending your money.

How to play this game

When you start playing My Tamagotchi Forever then you will have to ensure that your pet takes shower, eats food, go to the bathroom, is amused with games, and gets adequate sleep, etc. You can see the level of all these activities at the base of the screen after completing each activity. But if you do not play actively then your Tamagotchis can get bored and you may not get notifications in this regard. So you must play this game actively.
You can earn most of the coins by visiting the arcade along with completing certain tasks like washing your pet or feeding it. You have a limited amount of levels and time to play this game even if you may like to continue playing it because it is fun to play it. To play all the varieties of thins game you will have to download all of its four games so that you can also download third-party games on this platform.
If you want to decorate Tamatown with different items including food and clothes without spending diamonds and coins you can earn by playing this game then you can complete its levels just by completing a few other tasks and playing it consistently. If you do not have enough money to complete certain tasks then they can be left incomplete.
You can raise various types of characters including babies, toddlers, adults, and teens depending upon the ways you take care of them. It means you can grow up your game more easily if you give more attention to it.
It may not be easier for you to fill up the photo book of the game even if you have enough coins required for this purpose. It allows you to use the photos of your pet with different items like a soccer goal, drone and swing set, etc. So your focus should be on earning coins by completing each page. But it can lock you on certain levels or make it difficult for you to fill up your photo book because some of its items can cost more than 9,000 coins.


Thus, the Tamagotchi app offers the game My Tamagotchi Forever for adults. They have to play it carefully as they have to spend a lot of time while taking care of their Tamagotchis.