Gudetama Tamagotchi Review

Gudetama Tamagotchi

The Gudetama Tamagotchi is a part of the product line called Tamagotchi Nano. The product is quite interesting because it has a baby stage of 24-hour. Also, it has an adult stage and one minigame. And, doesn’t need much care compared to the original Tamagotchi. Originally released in December 2017 in Japan, the Gudetama Tamagotchi came to the US in December 2018.
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The Design

The Gudetama Tamagotchi retains the same size screen and shell-like its predecessor. However, there has been an increase in pixel resolution. Previously, it was 24×24 pixels and the new one has 30×24 pixels. It is believed that the same design might continue on the Eevee X Tamagotchi.
As sad, the design is almost the same as in previous releases. On the Japanese version, you can find that the Gudetama consists of a battery panel along with the pressure tab. However, on the English version, you get to see a different panel. A screw replaces the pressure tab.

The Game

The Gudetama Tamagotchi consist of two different growth stages. They are Baby and Adult. In the Baby stage, you have 24 hours. If you don’t take care, it might die during the stage. The Adult stage, on the other hand, continues until old age or is severely neglected.
The meal during the Baby stage is the mayonnaise sauce. And, the meal during the Adult stage is soy sauce. Tomato is the snack. However, Gudetama likes playing with it rather than eating. This indicates the Hungry & Happy meter. It requires 4 to become full.
There isn’t any type of functionality for Poo. Also, the Gudetama calls for your attention to play with it regardless of how full the Happy meter might be. When you press the C-button, it activates a C-click reaction. That’s when Gudetama talks to the player.
You can find the text rolling either on the left side or above the screen on the Japanese version. Whereas, on the English version, you can find the text rolling just above the screen. Whenever Gudetama is unhappy or hungry, the text changes.
Every evolution consists of a different quote. When Gudetama’s call for play or food is ignored for some time, it sulks. The player won’t play or feed until pressing the ‘A’ button to cheer it up. When in sulking mode, it has vulnerability to chopsticks.

The Minigame

This Game consist of a guessing game. A player has to choose between two eggs on which Gudetama is hiding. Press A or B for choosing the left or right egg. It has 5 rounds. The player needs to get it right once.

The Chopsticks

A pair of chopsticks tend to take away Gudetama 3 times a day. The player needs to press the A button to chase it away. They stay on the screen for an hour. When the user fails to respond, the Gudetama becomes an egg dish.

The Egg Dishes

The Death screens in Gudetama Tamagotchi represents Gudetama being cooked into an egg dish in a microwave. If Gudetama dies as a baby, the ‘Ghost Gudetama’ appears on the screen. There are about 20 death screens. Id the batteries in Gudetama Tamagotchi are replaced, all the game progress is lost.