online casinos to boost tamagotchi

It was now well over two decades ago that the world went crazy after egg-shaped digital pets that required your attention to keep them safe, clean, and happy. Initially released in 1996, Tamagotchis conquered hearts of people worldwide, from little kids to grownups in their 30s and 40s.

Fairly simple in design, Tamagotchis were interesting because you couldn’t just leave and forget about them as you went about your day. If you neglected your pet for too long, it would leave, and you’d have to restart the device and start over.

Sadly, with new technologies and the world changing at a rapid pace, Tamagotchis have lost a lot of their popularity. After a few years, most people moved on, leaving a fairly small community of Tamagotchi lovers still around.

But, with the right approach, everyone’s favorite digital pet could be restored to its former glory. If top mobile casinos were to pick up on the brand and reintroduce it to the world, it could have a huge positive effect.

What Do Tamagotchis and Casinos Have in Common?

Nothing, really, but that hasn’t stopped mobile casinos in the past. Gambling operators have created games centered on many different themes and brands, many of which had absolutely nothing to do with gambling.

So, Tamagotchi could just as easily become a part of the iGaming world, provided a large gambling brand or a game development studio decided to give it a chance.

The simplest way to do it would be to release a Tamagotchi-themed slot with some interesting features and mini-games related to the original product.

For example, a player would need to keep their pet happy by collecting certain special symbols on the reels. When the happiness level is high enough, a special bonus feature is triggered, rewarding players for their dedication in taking care of Tamagotchi.

To really make it original, the game could be designed in the old 8-bit graphics style, which is something we’ve already seen with a few video slots, and these have generally been well accepted by the players. The nostalgic feeling, combined with big win possibilities, could easily make a game like this into a huge hit.

Special Tamagotchi Prizes

The way to really restore the brand to its former glory would be for these casinos to run special leaderboards and competitions in which they would give away actual Tamagotchis to lucky winners. This would get the product back on the market and create a decent chance of it becoming popular once again.

Some will say that Tamagotchis are no longer interesting in this day and age, but I disagree. It’s more the fact that they’ve somehow fallen of the map, but they can definitely make a comeback.

And, it could be a great move for whatever casino decides to do this. In a world where most operators are offering pretty much the same things, a campaign like this would help them stand out from the competition. So, it’s really a win-win situation all around.